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Personal Classics is a community filled with a diverse group of members. Our interest in cars, trucks, and SUVS may vary, but we all share a passion in our individual rides. Each member shares the goal of documenting the history of their ride to increase market value and protect the unique story of their automobile. It does not matter if you are driving an one-off best of show winner or a fifteen-year-old rust bucket. What we all share is an appreciate for cars.


Your membership starts with a simple and free one step process. Join now and start telling the history of your car or search and follow your dream car.

Find Your First Car

Find the car you let get away

The idea of Personal Classics started from the statement that every car guy and girl makes, “I wish there was a site that let me find ______ car!” Personal Classics lets you search for your old lost love. If the community lacks information on your lost ride you can enter it into your previously owned to receive any updates that may be entered in the future.

Track Your Car’s History

Have one place to document owner, service, car event, and media history

*Personal Classics provides a central location for current and previous owners and shops to document the history of a car through text, video, and images.

Increase Your Resale Value

Document the service history and key events for a future buyer.

Direct future buyers to your car’s page where they will be able to see owner, service, car event, and media history.

Connect With Your Customers

Showcase your serivce, restoration, and build history

Provide updates on current restorations and builds for your client and potential customers to see. Let potential customers track the history of your finished builds to see the quality and award winning work you provide.

Follow Friends & Favorite Cars

Follow a dream car, Pebble Beach winner, or car friend

Add the Corvette you always wanted to your favorites. See what happens to the one-off Pebble Beach winner after the show. Watch videos of your friend at their latest driving school, autocross, or off-road event.

Learn About a Car

Know the true cost to own your dream car or learn about a historical car

Ever wonder how reliable or what is common to break on your dream car. Search Personal Classics to see the service history on several examples compared to taking some guy’s advice.
Read the page for a historically significant car to learn about important automotive history that can only be captured from the owner.

Find Good Help & Advice

Know you can trust a shop or individual

Look at the history of services, rebuilds, and ownership from a shop or individual to find out if they are truly an expert. Find out if they have a history of working on your car? Has the work been reliable? Have they won car shows and events?

Private Message

Contact a member through the site

Reach out to a fellow car owner for advice on service, parts, or how to complete that aggravating job.  Invite the missing marque car to your next club event or show.

Find a Car Event

Discover what is happening around you

Coming Soon: Post your next car event for free to the Personal Classics’ calendar and attract car enthusiasts. Search to see what is happening around you this weekend.

*Personal Classics does not confirm or verify any records for a car and takes no responsibility for accuracy.  To learn more please see our terms of service.

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