1961 AUSTIN Mini Countryman


Vehicle Details

Year: 1961


Model: Mini Countryman

VIN: Request VIN


Vehicle Type: Wagon

Transmission: Manual

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Drivetrain: FWD


Vehicle Status: Project

Exterior Color: Green

Interior Color: Brown

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Vehicle Story

The Austin Mini Countryman was built in July 1961 and shipped to a Dealer in New York, USA.  Some years later it was purchased by Chas. Pervo who lived in Ohio.  In August 1981, he sold the Mini to a US Army recruiting Sergeant and, so far as can be determined, Sgt. John Thomas was the last to register & licence the Mini for the road.  A few years later the Mini was acquired by Michael Kearney, sold on to the late Kent Summers, sold on to Chris Higgins, who flat towed the Mini from sacrament to Canada and legally  imported it.  I bought it from Chris in 2004 and stored the shell on a rack in my garage.  In December 2015, I commenced a full restoration & modification.  The Mini is registered in British Columbia in my name & my younger son’s name as a vehicle in restoration.

Originally, the Mini would have had an 848cc engine & single leading shoe drum brakes.  When it is Certified for the road it will have a 1293cc A Series power unit & front disc brakes, new wiring harness, new steering rack and host of other new bits.


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