1983 DATSUN 280ZX


Vehicle Details

Year: 1983


Model: 280ZX

VIN: Request VIN


Vehicle Type: Coupe

Transmission: Manual

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Drivetrain: RWD


Vehicle Status: Running

Exterior Color: Red

Interior Color: Beige

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1983 Datsun 280ZX Targa 2+2 (Manual)

I bought this vehicle in 2016 from a family friend in Sweden, it had been garaged and used daily by the owner.  Since the car was built in 1983 the car has only had 5 owners (including myself).

The car I am told originally started life out in Saudi Arabia where it only spent a couple of years then it went over to Britain in 1985 until 2002. It then travelled from Britain to Sweden where it spent 14 years, 5 of these years owned by a family friend and previous to that 9 years with another Swedish owner who looked after it very well. The car currently has 49K Miles(79KM). It had been under sealed and protected before I got it which was perfect as nearly all Z cars over in Britain have been taken by our miserable rainy weather and salt ridden roads. I keep the car garaged but try to use it on a daily basis as I bought the car to enjoy and not to stare at!

History of the 280ZX

The 280ZX was a complete redesign, retaining only the L28 inline-six engine and other driveline components from the 280Z. Both two-seat and four-seat (2+2) designs were offered. Compared to the more overtly sporting earlier models, the 280ZX was a much softer, heavier car, with less focus on driving and more on driver comfort and refinement.Softer suspension, better sound insulation, more comfortable seats, and ample equipment including high-end audio systems defined the new ZX. In the spirit of the times, emissions controls and aerodynamics were markedly improved over the first generation Z-cars, while weight was down somewhat as long as the buyer did not pick much from the very long options list.The exterior design was evolutionary, less rounded and with better integrated safety bumpers. Many parts, including the rear-axle and the power steering came from the Datsun 810 luxury sedan. Most of the design effort went into the entirely different and much more modern interior. The car became a grand tourer rather than a sports car, particularly in the plush Grand Luxury versions.


The 280ZX adopted suspension similar to that of the concurrent Bluebird 910, with MacPherson struts in front and semi-trailing arm independent suspension in the rear. The wheelbase was up from its predecessor (90.7 in or 2,304 mm) to 91.3 in (2,319 mm) for the two-seater.

The 280ZX’s body was redesigned with aerodynamics in mind. By closing in the open grille of the first generation Z-car and through other improvements taken from wind-tunnel testing, the drag coefficient was reduced from 0.467 to 0.385, and the lift coefficient from 0.41 to 0.14. The new design had a lower center-of-gravity and nearly 50/50 weight distribution in both the two-seater and 2+2 designs. The rear of the car was stretched to accommodate a larger 80 L (21.133 US liquid gallons) fuel tank. Overall, the new body design gave better fuel economy and high-speed stability (one of the known issues from the first generation Z-car).

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