1984 AUDI Coupe GT


Vehicle Details

Year: 1984

Make: AUDI

Model: Coupe Gt

VIN: Request VIN


Vehicle Type: Coupe

Transmission: Manual

Fuel Type: Gasoline

Drivetrain: FWD


Vehicle Status: Running

Exterior Color: Red

Interior Color: Black

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Vehicle Story

1984 Audi Coupe GT 10v 2.22l Inline 5, 093 5 speed manual produced in 1984 at Ingolstadt production plant in then West Block Germany. It was the 95808 Coupe GT off the production line. It was then shipped to California where it was purchased by its first owner. He owned the car until the mid 90s when it was purchased by a young banker caught up in the fast and furious movement of the late 90s. He proceeded to take the car to 2Bennett, a know Audi tuner at the time, and had a host of parts installed including….

998 front brake conversion, rear disk brake conversion, 4×108 conversion, 2Bennett coilovers kit with koni yellows, 2Bennett fully adjustible top hats, corbeau seats, brackets, and 3 point harnesses.

He then proceeded to take it to a Audi dealer who he had install a Blaufergnugen motorsports performance port/polished head, 290 camshaft, 2 sets of hella 1000 series driving lights, momo steering wheel, momo hub, door seals, momo shift knob, and pedal covers. The last two Audi charged him 150 to install. He finished this off with a set of 17 inch ronal wheels and a full alpine stereo system. Pretty much every 1990s trend you could think off.

In 2009 it was listed for sale listed as a solid running car with tons of high dollar extras with a 190,000 miles. The car was listed to have a shake in the front wheel claiming to be a bent wheel and non functioning A/C.

2010 It was purchased by its 3rd owner who shipped it to Virginia. He proceeded to fix the issues from the previous seller. The front end shaking came from the 998 brakes being installed improperly, eventually damaging the calipers. He proceeded to install the front disks and calipers from an Audi 4000k. Then switched the wheels out to a set of 15 inch Ronal Fat fives from a later Audi 90s sport. He continued to add to the performance with a long tube header, full exhaust, and a Addco 19mm rear sway bar. At this point he proceeded to do a host of maintenance then enjoyed the car before listing it for sale in 2015

I purchased the car in hopes to make it a daily driver. I completely went over the whole fuel system, adjusted the coilovers, added more timing, adjusted the fuel, adjusted the exhaust to allow the I5 to bubble and pop like it should, and painted the ronals artic white. Next I switched to up dating the interior. I went for the obvious first removing all the fake carbon fiber momo stuff. Starting with the gear knob and pedal covers. I replacing them with vintage rally inspired parts. Next on the docket is prepping the car for track days at VIR. The plan is to install a full containment seat for the driver, oil cooler, lightened flywheel, new set of stiffer springs, rebuild the transmission, and install the wavetrac differential I have sitting around waiting for a chance to run.


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